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In the midst of a rapidly shifting economy, it’s time to draw a new blueprint for the future of our tax system, defined by the practitioners who know it best and championed by The Tax Institute your voice on issues that matter to your practice, and your community.

Be part of creating meaningful tax reform at The Tax Summit: Project Reform.

The Tax Summit: Project Reform

After decades of proposed change that has fallen short or been overlooked, the economic shockwaves of the COVID-19 pandemic have made it clear that a robust and adaptable tax system is key to our future.

As the home of the tax profession in Australia and a bridge between practitioners and policymakers, The Tax Institute is taking the lead to drive our system toward meaningful reform.

The Tax Summit: Project Reform, is an ambitious endeavour from The Tax Institute, aiming to bring voices from across the profession together over the next 3 months to create a blueprint for a new tax system.

Incorporating a series of events, discussion groups and round tables, that culminate in a summit event in November 2020, the program will feature experts in various specialties from across the tax ecosystem.

The insights gleaned from this collaborative program will fuel the discussion and shape a formal case for change that will be showcased at the summit in November and submitted to the Treasury on behalf of the profession.

Events Series

A combination of Keynotes and Focus Sessions from September to November, includes Bonus content focusing on
Tax Reform.


Through a range of forums, virtual communities and liaison with existing groups and committees we want to ensure that all corners of the profession are represented.

Virtual Summit

Held virtually across two-half days of keynote sessions and breakout streams. The Summit will be the culmination of the event and discussion series and will present the options and priorities for reform.

Featured Talks & Speakers

The Tax Summit: Project Reform is where the most important conversations around meaningful tax reform are happening. It’s where our profession will come together to build a case for change and chart a path to a better tax system for you, your clients and Australia. 

Bring your voice to the table. We’ll make sure it’s heard. 

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Dr John Hewson AM,


Dr John Hewson AM,


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