Events Series

A combination of Keynotes, Focus Sessions and Roundtables from August to November, and includes Bonus Event content focusing on Tax Reform.

The Lead-in Event Series

An overview and exploration of tax technical issues including a summary of history, background, irritants, obstacles and suggestions for a way forward – these 8 sessions will provide food for thought on the reform priorities and will set up the next phase of discussion.

Well respected thought leaders summarising overarching themes and discussions on current tax reform issues and insights on what could be considered in the future. 

Insights from inside and outside of the profession with opinions and debate on tax reform options and opportunity. These engaging sessions will help to shine a light on the bigger picture and current thinking from a range of industry sectors and community groups.

The Event Road Map


The Road to Tax Reform isn’t easy (or short) by any means. To ensure we build a change for good, we have handpicked the profession’s best and brightest minds to collaborate and share insights from across the most crucial areas where reform is needed most.

IWe invite you to explore our interactive Event Road Map PDF and follow along as we discuss, challenge, and showcase the best way forward.


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